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  3. Payment​

    When will I receive my 2018 GST Voucher – Cash?​

    Citizens who are eligible and have signed up for a previous Government payment​ (e.g. the 2017 GST Voucher, Growth Dividend or GST Credits) will receive their GST Voucher – Cash on 1 August 2018.

    ​If you have not signed up previously​, you ​will need to Sign Up​ an​d will receive your GST Voucher – Cash based on the date of sign-​up and chosen payment mode;​​ 

    ​If You:What you need to do to receive your 2018 GST Voucher – Cash​
    (if eligible)
    Payment date
    ​Have not previously signed up for Government​ payments (e.g. past years' GST Voucher, Growth Dividend or GST Credits) ​Provide your preferred mode of payment by 24 ​July 2018 ​1 August 2018

    (cheque payments will be mailed from 15 August 2018)

    Provide your preferred mode of payment from 25 July 2018 to 31 December 2018
    From 4 August 2018:
    10 working days for crediting to your bank account; or
    15 working days for a cheque to be mailed to you ​​​

    How can I receive my 2018 GST Voucher – Cash?

    The GST Voucher – Cash will be deposited to your bank account that was used for the last cash payment from the Government (e.g. Workfare Income Supplement or Growth Dividend). If your bank account is closed, you will be notified to update your bank account details.

    Please note that your GST Voucher − Cash can only be credited to a local DBS, POSB, OCBC or UOB bank account. The majority of Singaporeans have bank accounts with the three local banking groups.


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