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In Budget 2019, the Government announced that GST Voucher – Cash recipients will receive a one-off GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment) of up to $300 on top of the regular GST Voucher – Cash payment. This is in commemoration of Singapore’s Bicentennial and to help lower income households with some of their expenses.

Taken together, eligible recipients will receive up to $600 in 2019. The regular payment will be made in August 2019 and the one-off Cash (Bicentennial Payment) will be paid in end 2019.

The eligibility criteria for the 2019 GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment) is the same as the regular 2019 GST Voucher – Cash.

2019 GST Voucher – Cash and GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment)

Singapore Citizens aged 21 and above in 2019, with Assessable Income for
Year of Assessment 2018 up to $28,000
Annual Value of Home as at 31 Dec 2018
Up to $13,000More than $13,000 and up to $21,000

GST Voucher – Cash

(paid in August 2019)


GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment)

(paid in end 2019)

Total in 2019$600$300
​​​​Note: Individuals who own more than one property as at 31 December 2018 will not be eligible for the GST Voucher – Cash nor GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment).
For more information on the GST Voucher – Cash (Bicentennial Payment), visit the Singapore Budget website.


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