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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2017 Budget Announcements ​​

2017 GST Voucher Cash Special Payment

In Budget 2017, the Government announced that GST Voucher ​ Cash recipients will receive a one-off GST Voucher ​ Cash Special Payment of up to $200 on top of the regular GST Voucher​ Cash payment, to help lower-income households with expenses. This means that eligible recipients will receive up to $500 in 2017. The regular payment will be paid in August 2017 and the one-off Special Payment will be paid in November 2017. ​

The eligibility criteria for the 2017 GST Voucher – Cash Special Payment is the same as the regular 2017 GST Voucher – Cash.

2​017 GST Voucher – Cash Special Payment

​Income Earned in 2015: $28,000 and below
(Assessable Income f​or YA2016)
​​Annual Value of Home as at 31 Dec 2016
​Up to $13,000$13,001 to $21,000
Regular GST Voucher ​ Cash
(To be paid in August 2017)
One-off GST Voucher ​ Cash​ Special Payment
(To be p​aid in November 2017)
Total $500
​​​​​​Note: Singaporeans who own more​ than one property as at 31 Dec 2016 will not be eligible for the 2017 GST Voucher.​ ​


Increase to GST Voucher U-Save quantum

From July 2017, eligible HDB households will also benefit from an increase to the GST Voucher  U-Save rebate of $40 to $120 depending on the flat type. This increase will be permanent. This will cost an additional $71 million per year and benefit about 880,000 households.

GST Voucher U-Save for 2017

HDB Flat Type​​​​​​Current Annual RebateIncrease in Annual RebateRevised Annual Rebate
1- and 2-room$260$120$380
Executive / Multi-Gen$180$40$220
​​​​Note: Households whose members own more than one property are not eligible. The GST Voucher – U-Save is paid over four quarters, in January, April, July, October. This increase will take effect from July 2017.​

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